Personalized Kids Mystery Party

Write Your very own version of the The Chocolaty Case of The Costume Conspiracy !
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Personalized Kids Costume Mystery Party 

A preeteen kids mystery party kit that you personalize

5 boy & 4 girl suspects
up to 25 can play

Once a year at the (You name the school) Elementary School, everyone in the whole school throws a costume party in the school gym. The kids prepare weeks in advance and create all kinds of costumes — (You select the costumes), and even ghosts!

Everyone makes their own costumes — even the teachers! There’s a best-costume contest, music, games, (You select the drinks), (You select the food) and, best of all…cake! But not just any kind of cake - it’s (You name the person)’s homemade, warm and fluffy, sweet and yummy double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake. (You name the principal), the school principal, never lets anyone eat sweets at school — except at the costume party.

The party began the same as every other year’s party, with (Your principal's name) on the stage telling a joke. "Hey kiddos! Do you know why the students ate their homework?" he asked.

"Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake!" he chuckled. Nobody laughed. So, (Your principal's name) told (Your cake baker's name) it was time to start the games.

Everyone started to move toward (Your name), when the lights went out! In the dark, all the kids started (You select what they did) while the teachers tried to (You select what the teachers did). With a swish-crash-clatter, (Your name) finally got to the switch and turned the lights back on.

Over at the snack table, the punch bowl had crashed to the floor. The white table cloth was gone, and (Your name)’s double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake had disappeared!

A special team of investigators has been assembled to solve this mystery and figure out what happened to (Your name)’s warm and fluffy, sweet and yummy double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake! They won’t leave until they solve the case.