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"The Troubling Case of the Trophy Theft"
(9 - 12 years old)

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Personalized The Troubling Case of the Trophy Theft Kids Mystery Party           <

8 suspects (6 boys & 2 girls) - up to 25 can play 

Each year in July, the small country town of Wombleton comes to life for the biggest event on the country tennis calendar, and this year was no exception. Two weeks after the first ball was served, the final was played and it was game, set, match and championship to Tommy Ace, the youngest champion in the tournament’s history! e.

Now, all that remains is the presentation of the solid gold trophy to Tommy. However, it looks as if someone else wants the prize – and without earning it! The tournament director discovered that the trophy was stolen from the clubhouse. And, one of the pictures on the wall was smashed and the shattered glass was all over the floor. Who could have done such a thing? And why?

The big award ceremony is due to take place tonight, but it cannot possibly go ahead until the trophy is found. Word about what happened has spread and everyone is gathered at the clubhouse to try to solve the case.

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