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"The Monstrous Case at The Seaside Inn"
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6 boys and 4 girls are suspects - up to 30 can play 

The seaside village of Cranberry Cove has become a must-visit spot for "monster lovers" from around the world. For hundreds of years, there have been tales told of a legendary sea monster living in the ocean near the quiet little village. But in recent years, the strange green monster has actually been seen on the ocean near an old inn called The Captain’s Mast. The inn is set on a cliff overlooking the water and now attracts a host of tourists anxious to spot the legendary creature.

Dixie and Danny deLusion were excited when their parents told them that they’d be staying at the inn. They’re out to take first prize at the annual school science fair, and it would be a real prize winner if they could find out what’s happening on the ocean near the Captain’s Mast. Since the deLusion family arrived in Cranberry Cove about a week ago, Dixie and Danny, who are twins, have been out on the beach and exploring the nearby caves and dunes.

Everything appeared calm until dusk last night, when they reported to everyone that it finally happened. They said they saw movement out on the water, and when they stepped closer to get a better look, there it was - the sea monster! When Dixie and Dan told their story, the old Captain, who runs the inn, chuckled. "I could tell you stories about that monster that would turn your hair green!"

This latest sighting has caused a lot of commotion in Cranberry Cove and a team of investigators has been called in to find out what Dixie and Danny really saw – or if they saw anything at all.

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