Personalized Kids Mystery Party

Write Your very own version of
"The Confusing Case of the Lost Letters to Santa" 
(8 - 10 years old)

Answer the questions below to write your version of this mystery.  

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Personalized Santa Letters Kids Mystery Party          

4 girls and 4 boys are suspects - up to 24 can play!

Christmas is just around the corner and the people of Hollytown, a small country village, are worried. A week ago, the children had all sent their letters to Santa and were eagerly awaiting their replies. Every other year the replies had come straight back, but this year NO-ONE had received a letter from the North Pole. What was going on? Would there even be a Christmas in Hollytown this year?

Then came the bad news. The North Pole had called the new post office in Hollytown and asked why there had been no sack of letters from the children of the town. Where had the mail gone? What was going on? 


An investigation began and the missing bag of mail was found deep in the woods under some bushes. A red scrap of material was fluttering in the breeze on an overhead branch. Who was the culprit that wanted to spoil Christmas? Children gathered in the local town hall to rewrite their letters and send them express to the North Pole before it was too late, but people were still upset. No one will be able to enjoy Christmas until the mystery of who took the mail and why is solved. The joy of Hollytown’s Christmas is in the hands of a special group who has been called in to work on the case. Can you help the people of Hollytown figure out what happened?

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