Personalized Kids Mystery Party

Write Your very own version of
"The Mysterious Case of A Quarterback in Space"
(12 - 17 years old)

Answer the questions below to write your version of this mystery.  

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The Story

Personalized Kids Mystery Party             

Mix and Match gender on this teen mystery

(12 - 17 years old)

Up to 24 can play!
Because several of the roles aren't 
gender-specific, the mix of suspects can be:

6 boys & 2 girls
5 boys & 3 girls
4 boys & 4 girls or
3 boys & 5 girls

There is really no good time to be abducted by space aliens. Certainly the worst time, though, is when you are the star quarterback on your high school team and it is the night before the big homecoming game.

It was a rainy Thursday night in Possum Valley. Witnesses saw Possum Valley High School quarterback Kent Passerby disappear from the town square in a cloud of smoke and flashing lights. Citizens were frantic. The sheriff jumped into action. No aliens in flying saucers were going to get away with kidnapping young athletes in his county

Everyone was relieved and everything seemed OK when, after an absence of three hours, Kent was found wandering down a lonely country road. Though physically sound, he seemed dazed and confused. Most troubling to Possum Valley High School coaches, however, was Kent’s inability to remember any of the signals to be used against the Squirrel Grove Acorns at the Friday night game.

Something didn’t seem right about what happened and Sheriff Don Trodden has enlisted the help of all the town’s citizens to get to the bottom of the affair. No one is above suspicion (not even the sheriff).

Now you can customize this story for your party !!

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