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Personalized Kids Mystery Party     

8 girls are suspects

up to 20 can play

As the clock struck midnight, early this morning, an explosion woke the people staying in Mystery Manor. Moments later came a horrible scream, and everybody ran to the main ballroom where they saw (You name the birthday girl), illuminated by a shaft of moonlight, completely frozen in fear.

A big hole was discovered in the glass roof of the huge conservatory with its many large trees and plants. Several windows were also broken. Small droplets of blood led into the yard.

(The name you selected)s 13th birthday party should have been the highlight of her year. Her parents had booked Mystery Manor on this night before the big birthday dance. As a present, her Aunt (You name her aunt) had paid for the event and was there to chaperone the party. Magician (You name her), owner of the Manor and daughter of the late (You name the father), was also scheduled to give a special performance at the big birthday dance.

(Your name) remained silent, her eyes seemingly fixed open. Nobody was able to attract her attention.

The big birthday dance is due to take place tonight, but it cannot possibly go ahead until the mystery is solved. There are rumors of arguments among the guests. Some say (You select what they are saying).

What happened to (Your name)? Somebody knows. How is it linked to the incident in the conservatory? (Your name)s parents have called in a team of investigators. Moments after their arrival, (You select the name) revealed that she had seen a girl in the yard, just moments after the explosion. A girl covered in scratches . . .



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