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Personalized Kids Mystery Party

8 suspects
up to 20 can play

There is an old legend, known around the world, that tells of leprechauns and their penchant for merriment, tricks, and of course for hiding gold at the end of rainbows. What's the craic? There is a mystery afoot... the Gold is GONE!! 
This legend originates in a town called Little Ireland (you name the place), where to this day leprechaun hopefuls (You name the leprechaun)   are trained under the tutelage of a senior leprechaun(your name) to be able to use their magic and hide their own troves of gold across the world.  In this town, there is a particular pot of gold from which all other pots’o’gold takes their origin. Of course, this gold is also notorious for being supremely tempting and prone to drawing thieves and the otherwise avaricious looking to claim it for themselves. Then one day, during an otherwise quiet night, the gold disappeared!  Personalize this mystery by naming the suspects, locations, and even story details to create a unique mystery party.


The Leprechaun's Stolen Gold is a well written mystery party  with a fun cast of characters that you get to name.  Fun Irish slang is used throughout the story (slang defined in the bonus pages).  Also featured is a crossword puzzle to be solved that provides some additional help in solving the mystery.   An Irish Slang reference and a party invitation is included.  This mystery is appropriate for ages 8-14 and is typically solved in a little over an hour.




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