Personalized Kids Mystery Party

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"The Tantilizing Case of the High Tech Flavor Heist" 
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Personalized Kids Mystery Party         

4 girls and 5 boys are suspects - up to 30 can play!

Today the Sweet Time Ice Cream factory is in an uproar. A day that was supposed to be very special has suddenly become one to make ice cream lovers weep. No money was stolen, but the company’s secret new ice cream flavor recipe is missing. This new flavor was to have been unveiled today. The first people to try it were to have been a select group of visiting students. The kids were all "flavor experts" who had gotten high scores during a Sweet Time-sponsored "taste-test challenge." Their tour of the factory was to have ended with a media "tasting" event in the auditorium. Before it could happen, 20 gallons of ice cream were taken--the entire batch of the new flavor. In addition to that, all written copies of the recipe were stolen from the safe of Sweet Time's president. Finally, every electronic file related to the recipe was erased from the company network.

The new dairy supplier was just starting to deliver a day’s worth of milk as the tour concluded. As the president took the stage to make a speech to the children, chickens escaped from his truck--or were let out by the thief. These chickens pecked into the nearby auditorium and caused a general ruckus. At the same time, someone went upstairs, opened the safe and stole recipes, then erased the computer data.  

Now, the case must be investigated to find out who took the ice cream and why. And - authorities are convinced this job was done by at least two people. It's important that the investigators connect all dots to find out what happened during this high-tech flavor heist!  .

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