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Write Your very own version of
The Sticky Case of Chuckles the Clown 
(10 - 13 years old)

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4 boys and 4 girls are suspects - up to 20 can play 

Everyone remembers the day that life turned upside down in the little town of Eyestrain Falls. Until that day everything was in perfect order. The young people read their books, did their homework, helped with chores and had the state’s best football team. All of this ended when Chuckles the Clown came to town.

Chuckles was an arcade video game. Oh, but this was not just any video game. It was absolutely, positively, the most challenging and fun game ever invented. Kids stood in long lines just waiting for a chance to drop in their quarters and grip Chuckles’ controls. Bevy Ridge, the owner of the soda shop where Chuckles was located, saw a great increase in the number of kids coming to her shop. Unfortunately, they were spending all their money on the game and none on ice cream. Bevy began to think she had made a terrible mistake in getting the game. As she was under contract with the Arcade Company, however, there was nothing she could do but keep Chuckles in the shop

It didn’t take long for the town to grow unhappy with Chuckles. Kids were no longer reading, homework papers were late, chores were not being done and the football team didn’t show up for practice. All this was only the beginning of the complaints. More than one person was heard to say, "We have to do something about that game."

Well now, apparently, someone has taken a most criminal action. Chuckles has been completely destroyed. Last night, someone dumped gooey syrup all over Chuckles’ insides. He is totally ruined. Wishing to see justice done, the Arcade Company has hired private investigators to find the culprit.

Everyone who had anything to do with Chuckles is under suspicion until the culprit is uncovered. So, to clear their good names, the eight suspects have chosen to help with the investigation. One thing is clear. One of the suspects is guilty of destroying Chuckles the Clown. It only remains for someone to discover who did it.   

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