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Birthday Girl
Her Friends
The Adults

Personalized Kids Mystery Party

8 suspects - All Girl - Ages 8-12
up to 20 can play

Today was the very special 10th (you decide which birthday) birthday of one Beatrice Day (you name the birthday girl). Birthdays may come around every year, but every single one is special, and this was going to be a great one! With all her closest friends (you name her friends), a bunch of party games, and a whole heap of presents to unwrap, Bea (you provide her nickname) was sure this was going to be the best birthday ever! 

But what should have been a perfect day soon turned to disaster. For as the birthday clown, Cassie (you name the clown), finished up her performance (ballon animal example provided), the party moved to the backyard, where the presents were kept. But instead of a neatly stacked collection of gifts in beautiful wrapping paper, the presents were smashed, torn up, and scattered everywhere! Not a single gift was left untouched!

Nobody has left the party yet, so whoever did this is still here. Everybody was meant to stay in the front yard throughout the party, the backyard with the presents and the house (except the bathroom of course) were off limits, so the perpetrator could have snuck off to commit the crime at any point.

Now it’s time for a team of professional investigators (you) to gather the clues and piece together what happened. Could this be the work of a jealous friend or rival? Maybe someone who wanted to teach Bea a lesson? Could there be some evil force at work, or is there a more harmless explanation for this tragedy? Only you can find out.


A Complete Kid's Mystery Party Game

This mystery is appropriate for ages 8-12 and is typically solved in a little over an hour. 


Bonus Pages included!

-- Itinerary (customized)

-  Invitation (customized)

- Suspect List (customized)

- Scavenger Hunt Activity (customized)




Let's get Started !